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MDE-DNC.Net compared to other MDE-systems:

Almost all MDE-systems either get the required data direct from PLC or utilize f.i. OPC-servers (refer to "") that run as software on the various machine controllers or trough manual input.
The disadvatages of such systems are commonly known.
The direct capture from the PLC assumes detailed knowledge of controller and ladder diagrams on one hand and manipulation of these signals could lead to warranty issues with the machine builder on the other hand.
OPC-servers are added software modules that run on defined controllers only (in general the newer ones) and assume thorough knowledgde of this matter.
Manual data input is as reliable and good as the operator that inputs them.
In general the behaviour of elements of the actual machine are being observed. A definitive designation of programmes and commands can only be done by manual input by the operator.

MDE-DNC.Net avoids the drawbacks of the mentioned systems and further provides added functionality.
MDE-DNC.Net utilizes for communication with the controller the serial RS232-interface only. That interface is a standard. In general this one is isolated and therefore not sensitive to failure. Interference in controller/PLC is being avoided consistently. No controller software being manipulated or read. Failure in the MDE-DNC.Net systeem does not lead to failure in the production system. Applying MDE-DNC.Net is not limited to a few newer controllers but is possible with virtually all controllers of CNC-machine tools.
The automatic generated messages are related to the actual programme run in the machine. Moreover, also the real programme names and planned results are being generated, which are crucial for the afterwards study of processes in the machine (job order costing , OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
The installed terminal also provides the possibility to input the earlier mentioned data (f.i. Six Big Losses; the most common causes for loss of efficiency) direct at the machine.
In this way, the most important, production related machine data and information are being recorded.

The DNC-functionality and the possibility to edit are value added extras. The job management completes the system and the ways to generate adequate analysis.

Setting the analysis available in the browser prevents the need for installing extra software at clients.

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