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The cost?
Will convince you!


How do you collect or send data from and to your machine tool?
Do you still apply floppy stations?
Do you still apply tape readers?
Do you still input programs direct at the machine tool?
Did you ever calculate the time these kind of things require?
How much production loss do you suffer from programming direct at the machine tool?

Do you know which programs runs on which machine?
How often the programs has been running?
How long the programs is really running?
Has the number as required by production planning been produced already?
Do you go through the workshop to look what is actually running on the various machines?
Do you ask the operator? Do you look for the chief? Do you count the produced pieces yourself?

 Does your machine tool
  have a serial interface?

 Do you have an appropriate
  location for a server?

Could you reply “YES”
for at least two times?

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