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 Machine Monitoring (MDE)
 NC-programm transfer (DNC)

 The solution for MDE/CNC
 for machine tools that can be
 easily integrated in
 your company

 Reduction of idle times

 Increased transparency
in the production

 Increased utilisation ratio and
efficiency of the company

 What can the system?
 Automatic OEE measurement
 (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
 Automatic recalculation
 Machine Monitoring / Process Monitoring
 Programmfixing via Internet
 at a 24/7-Production possible
 Direct control of cycle times
 Important tool for:
  - Tool Tracking
  - Archiving of production processes
  - Delivery time monitoring
 Shorten the planning department
 Complete management overview
 by external Log-In
 Direct communication between
 Job preparation and worker
  . . .

The innovative and
affordable solution for
smaller and mid-sized companies

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